Thermal Imaging Inspections

About Thermal Inspections

What is a thermal inspection and how can it help?
A thermal inspection is the back-bone of any energy improvement plan. The data collected by an on-site inspection will allow you to make educated decisions on improving the quality and efficiency of your home or building.

There may be obvious signs of deficiencies to your thermal envelope in the form of icicles, mold, rot, etc. These are indicators your building has deficiencies, but are rarely the root of the problem.


Infrared Cameras

Using a state-of-the-art thermal camera allows us to see beyond the human visible light spectrum and notice weak spots in your building that you never could have known existed.
You are guaranteed to be amazed!

Infrared Cameras help to:

• Identify missing insulation
• Detect Moisture
• Infrared cameras show what we cannot naturally see

Thermal Inspection Evaluation

Every thermal inspection is finalized with a report containing images and a diagnosis of the findings from the inspection. The information provided about your home or building is invaluable in helping you make the right improvements to lengthen life span and integrity of your investment. The evaluation report will be sure to leave you with a clear understanding of what the problems of your building are and will contain suggestions on proper repairs/retrofits. Every report is followed up with a phone call to ensure any questions are answered!