Energy Improvement Plan

Energy Improvement Action Plan

The Energy Improvement Action Plan, EIAP, was developed to help clients make their buildings more energy efficient through a phased approach.

Older structures did not have the technology or the demand for the type of energy efficient buildings newly designed and constructed buildings have. It is not cost-effective to demolish and reconstruct new buildings – this is where a carefully laid out EIAP comes in.

C3 Thermal Imaging and Property Inspections, LLC works with clients to create an Energy Improvement Action Plan that maps out the weak spots of the building envelope, creating a list of ideal repair options, while compiling the budget and costs estimated for the repairs. We then plan out a schedule and repair sequence to suite the clients budget, needs, and priorities.

C3 Thermal Imaging and Property Inspections, LLC will be right by your side from the planning phase to the final inspection to guarantee results and satisfaction with the completed project!

Contact us today at 1-802-535-0258 for questions or to schedule an appointment with us.  We look forward to helping you improve the energy flow through your extinging structure.  In the end, making improvements to your home or business typically saves you money on energy costs and will be much more efficient in other ways as well.  Contact us to get started today, you’ll be glad you did!